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About Us

Allen Law was founded with two guiding principles:

  1. Provide the highest level of personalized and attentive service to our clients.

  2. Provide our clients with the best outcome possible in any legal situation.


Allen Law is a personal injury law firm with a focus on vaccine injury claims before the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. We pride ourselves on fighting tirelessly for our client’s best interest to reach the best outcome possible in any legal situation. We focus on getting our clients healthy and compensated for their injuries. We understand that a legal action is extremely stressful and scary for our clients and we work to make that process as easy to understand and painless as possible.


Our mission is to make a personal connection with each of our clients and meet their individual needs on a case by case basis. We know that the most important factor to relieving stress during this time is communication and keeping you informed each step of the way. To ensure that this happens, we are consistently available by phone, text, and email, as well as, in person as needed.

Allen Law is based in Ellicott City, Maryland and practices vaccine injury law on a national basis. While we may not be in your local town we work to be available to you at your convenience. We are available both evenings and weekends to meet with you and can accommodate any communication method that makes you comfortable including phone, text, email, video calls and mailed documents. If you have any questions on the services we can provide please reach out to us.

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Allen Law

Our Process

In order to provide the best possible outcome in your case, Allen Law focuses on the following key aspects.

  1. Providing you with direction on how to proceed as soon as you retain us as your attorney.

  2. Investigating your case immediately to make sure all necessary information is gathered before it is lost.

  3. Making sure you have the medical care needed to get you healthy.

  4. Moving forward with your case as quickly as possible. In some situations a case cannot be resolved outside of a courtroom, in those instances we will file suit as quickly as possible to begin the litigation process.

  5. Securing the necessary experts and opinions needed to be successful in litigation.

  6. Appealing cases when necessary to reach the best outcome.

Our Team


Jennifer L. Allen

Litigation Attorney & Founder

Allen Law is led by Jennifer L. Allen, Esq. She is an experienced and zealous litigation attorney. She graduated summa cum laude from the University of Baltimore school of law where she focused on trial advocacy. During law school she did a clinical rotation as a prosecutor with the State’s Attorney’s Office. She is barred in the US Court of Federal Claims enabling her to practice Vaccine Law.


Before starting this practice, she spent six years working on the Wilson and Parlett trial team representing those injured in personal injury accidents and people injured at work. In addition, she also started a vaccine injury practice to assist those injured by vaccine side effects. 


Jennifer L. Allen has tried cases before judges and juries in almost every courthouse in Maryland as a practicing attorney in Maryland. In addition to trying cases throughout the state, she has been in front of the Maryland Court of Appeals (highest court in Maryland) three times creating new law in the state of Maryland.

Email : Ph: 443-836-5375


Adam J. Sheer

Business Manager

Allen Law business operations are managed by Adam Sheer. He has over 15 years experience as a manager focused in program management and contract execution.


Adam holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Master or Business Administration from Purdue University. He also brings a breadth of experience to the table having worked in the steel, automotive, HVAC and software industries.

Email :

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